Esoteric Healing Defined


“Esoteric healing is the release of the soul so that its life can flow through the aggregate of organisms which constitute any particular form” ~ Alice A. Bailey, 1951-70, v.4.

Esoteric is a word that comes from the Greek, eso meaning “within,” esoteriko, “from within.” Thus, esoteric healing is to make sound from within. Sound can be variously understood, either as an inner vibration, or a radiation from within signifying wholeness.

A simplified definition of esoteric healing follows:

Esoteric Healing is an art and a science calling for all the use of the mind, but not the emotions, in the service of the intuition, for the purpose of transforming matter with life energies to bring about change that will benefit the whole.


This simply indicates that the use of this healing form is a practical skill and yet it is not fixed or predetermined; it does not have limitations attached to it. Under it’s given principles, it’s methods can be employed to create new and better forms. In other words, esoteric healing can be developed into a personal creation rather like a painter and their painting. Each time the new picture is started, it is different. Art relates to intuition, and intuition to love.


To take the simile of the painter one step further, each time a new picture is begun, there are rules to which the artist must conform. The easel must be at the right height; it must be placed in a position for the light to show the colours to be used. The paper, the paints, the brushes, the pallet, and so on, must first be available and ready. Then the artist must conform to the rules of painting a picture (and we know how broad these have become). But an artist wants to paint a picture, not write a book or give a lecture or do a scientific experiment. The end result will be a recognizable picture. This is the scientific part. The rules we are to conform to are the springboard into a new dimension. Esoteric healing, as a science, is objective; the healer does not intend to be involved in the result. The healer wants to do the work and then leave the impact to cause a response in the patient. To alter its progress new patters are added to it (further consultations for treatment are arranged).

To be sure, esoteric healing, however objective, changes the healer as well, although not in the same way as it does the patient. Although there is an interchange of energies, both persons are changed in the way required by the circumstances during the healing, This is due to the specific patterns of both healer and patient. The changes are different and impersonal, and so they can be called objective. Ni this way we can see that esoteric healing is a science, since it relates to the mind and to individually woven thinking patterns.


In esoteric healing we do not work from the desires and fears of the patient. We have no interest in psychic phenomena and regard it as in interference which the work of healing is better without. The esoteric healing practitioner believes the emotions and psychic states he might experience from contact with a patient to be illusions that are to be avoided. To work from the emotional or astral level actually encourages those illusions to be perpetuated and weakens the individual patient.

Like a scientist, the healer works from the level of the mind, making intelligent deductions and decisions based on thought and on soul impression. The healer works with energy wisely directed, deflected or retained. Intelligent intent lies behind all wise direction of energy. In this way the patient will not be bombarded with our desires and hopes. Instead, the patient will sense a clarity, a feeling of purpose and direction, either immediately or over time.


Intuition referred to here is not an instinctual feeling, it is more like being receptive to pure ideas, to thoughts which have their origin in the abstract realms where form has no place. By tapping into intuition, the esoteric healer believes he or she can work with the causes of the problem or illness which is being presented. The intuition is the diagnostic tool.

The healer is totally self-reliant. The soul is an initiate; the should is a master, there is no need for intermediaries, guides, and inner teachers. There is no doubt that such guides exist on the subtle planes, but they are not reliable, mostly they are promoters of glamor or personal aggrandizement in a disguised manner. Esoteric healing and the esoteric healer works from the soul plane or soul dimension, The healer as a soul responsible for the work done, and knows that as long as work is from the soul and with the soul of another, the result will be sure. No matter what happens, it will be determined according to the will of the patient’s soul. This is the assurance, Thus in healing, the healer aspires always to remain in touch with the soul.


To be a healer means working with the subtle energies and forces which surround and permeate the patient from the level of the soul as reflected in the etheric body. These subtle energies flow “in” and “out” among the various bodies — physical, etheric, emotional and mental. To bring about healing, the healer, having discovered what is causing the trouble in the subtle anatomy, must be able to “manipulate” or transform that energy and so bring it into harmony with the person’s life and purpose. Here “manipulate” refers to working with energy reflected from the patient to the healer using the hands and ajna centre (third eye) to benefit the person from whom the radiation arises. The esoteric method of healing is based on selflessness and harmlessness and thus it handles and transforms the rate and rhythm of the patient’s energies (according to the will of the patine’s soul), not for the healer’s advantage but for the patient’s. From a more esoteric angle, the whole of the fallen universe is invisible, yet embodied by the Fourth Creative Hierarchy. That is, the four kingdoms are aided by the higher kingdoms which have not manifested into matter, but have incarnated into the higher energies of this fallen Divinity for reasons of healing and must be returned to its high state of original consciousness and expression. This is only achieved when all beings achieve their own enlightenment — be it an atom, a stone, a plant, an animal, a human, a planet, a solar system, a galaxy.


This stage, the last part of the treatment, bring about healing. The esoteric healing practitioner is not actually trying to cure or willing to cure. The patient and the patient alone, directed by the wisdom of the soul. Permits the healing, The healer understands that this phase of the work may not actually involved a physical change or cure. The physical illness bay be so advanced that organic reversal is impossible. But suddenly the patient may “accept” the illness, or “knows why,” or “forgets the disease in a new wave of enthusiasm,’ among other mental or emotional changes. Healing always involves a widening or deepening of consciousness, inevitably benefiting humanity and the planet as a whole, The truth is that, whenever we give healing, be it on ourselves or on one who has asked for it, such service actually raises the consciousness of humanity, no matter how little.

Source: “Esoteric Healing: A practical guide based on the teachings of the Tibetan in the works of Alice A. Bailey” by Alan Hopking; ISBN:1-57733-110-9