Dr. Hayashi’s Healing Guide

For those of you interested (and those of you who can read Japanese), here is a copy of Dr. Hayashi’s Healing Guide.

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A Study of Reiki by Chujiro Hayashi

translated by Teruko Low, edited by Harue Kanemitsu © 1992

Comments: This is a translation of a 40 page paper that Dr. Chujiro Hayashi had produced on Reiki treatments, some time before he taught Hawayo Takata, but presumably after he taught Mr. Tatsumi (this was not found amongst his possessions after Tatsumi-san’s death). The preceding page and the page with the diagram of the body, are the actual first and last pages. It is believed the forerunner to this table is the one produced by Mikao Usui and found in Sensei’s Reiki booklet called Reiki Ryoho Hikkei.

The translation starts off in the way Hayashi-san presented it, then becomes a table for the remainder of the document (created by Harue Kanemitsu — note: she took her level 1 and 2 training from Mrs. Takata and Master level from Wanja Twan and Barbara Brown). Ms. Kanemitsu has added in Mrs. Takata’s comments, as well as her own. I substituded F where Ms. Kanemitsu had the sign for “female”.

Introduction to Text

The following Reiki text is of the Usui System of Natural Healing. Takata Sensei’s writings and oral teachings on methods to the original text are indicated by “T”, and editor’s notes are in (in parenthesis), but it is basically Hayashi Sensei’s work, arranged to be more usable, Hayashi’s comments on the prognosis of cancer are not included, because it has since been shown otherwise. Seemingly unrelated parts are usually connected through meridians (such as groin point for blood clearing).

Note: F= female

Directions for Treatment

Head in general — Head, brain, headaches


  • forehead, temples, back of the head and base’of skull, top of the head.
  • Treatment of the head should be done with an~ sickness. In case of a headache, treat the aching part well.

Eyes — All eye problems: conjunctivitis, trachoma, leucoma, short-sightedness, trichiasis, drooping of the eye lids, cataracts.


  • eyeballs (place fingers gently over closed eyes, cup lightly), temples, back of the head (base of skull),
  • both eyes even when only eye is afflicted.
  • kidneys, liver, (F) uterus and ovaries,
  • T blindness — treat pancreas, head, eyes, (F) ovaries

(There is a relationship between the problems of the eyes and that of the reproductive organs.)

Ears — all ear problems: middle ear (olitis), external ear, buzzing in the ears, deafness *, etc. (*T if drums are not torn)


  • tunnel-like opening of ear
  • depressed area under the ear
  • high bone behind the ear
  • back of the head area (bass of skull)
  • two ears all the time even when only one ear seems afflicted,
  • sinus problems which follow a cold such as middle ear problems and nasal catarrh should be treated at the tuberculosis adenitis of the hilus of the lungs and the bronchi; kidneys, (F) uterus and ovaries.



  • the root of the offending tooth from the outside,
  • the shoulders towards the neck,

Inside of the Mouth and Lips


  • closed lips with the palm of the hand,

N.B. Look at the section on digestive problems.



  • by pressing the offending part, or by pinching it.
  • the root of the tongue from the outside (neck, under chin).

In case that is hard to do, press the part of the two feet which is forward of the plantar arch (arch in sole towards toes)

Continued in chart form – printed with permission of H. Kanemitsu

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Source: Reiki Threshold