Messages from Water – Masaru Emoto

Masaru Emoto has become synonymous with water crystals. He has done extensive research in capturing frozen water crystals in photographs that present a glimpse into the response of water to thoughts, words, music and pictures. Water crystals exposed to negative words, violent pictures or music with negative connotations, do not form well – and are instead deformed somewhat. Similarly, water crystals exposed to beautiful pictures, classical music and positive words form the most intricate and delicately patterned crystals that can only bedescribed as breathtaking. Look at these pictures:

Water exposed to the words ‘Love and Gratitude’ formed this beautiful pattern.

You make me sick

Water exposed to the words ‘You make me sick, I will kill you!’ formed this deformed shape.

Sometimes, as in the second picture above, the water crystal shape mimics the meaning of the words, music, thoughts and pictures.

What this means for us as human beings is tremendous! Our bodies are made up of 70% water – and if we tell it negative things as opposed to loving it, we will be in a negative state. And illness forms happily in a negative state. So, just for today: do not anger, do not worry, be humble, be honest in your work and be compassionate to yourself and others. There is value to these precepts – and to positive affirmations. They create a positive energy in your body that sets the tone for a positive today and tomorrow, which effects all levels of your person.

From a Reiki perspective – remember that you can Reiki your food and water. This infuses positivity into whatever you ingest – and changes the water crystals in the food and drink into beautiful shapes.

examples of hidden messages in water

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