Pineal Wave Meditation

  1. Stand erect, feet together.
  2. Visualize your pineal gland (which is located approximately between the ears, and behind the eyes in the center of the head). This is the place of the seventh chakra, and is called the “seat of the soul”. It is the home of the “spark of life” — the spiritual part of us that gives our bodies life. Visualize your pineal as a ball of white light energy.
  3. Inhale, maintaining the visualization, then exhale sharply, shooting the ball of light down through your body, deep into the very center point of the Earth. The center of the Earth is beyond molten lava, it is like an inner Sun, it is a significant energy center. After “shooting” your “ball of light” down into the Earth, allow it a second or two to reach the Earth’s center.
  4. Then begin to inhale again slowly, feeling the energy come up from the Earth, then up into your body, and back to the pineal.
  5. Repeat at least three times.