Reiki and Crystals Part 1 – Garnets

that awaken the divine light consciousness within us to new liveliness. Gemstones are living, pulsating vibrations, even if they appear rigid and lifeless to us. Their vibrations are, in accordance with their appearance and composition, and created precisely in structures, patterns, and forms.

Our initiated Reiki hands radiate intense light and love whenever they touch something with Reiki as the intention. When, as a Reiki channel, we pick up a gemstone, it immediately feels that it is loved, accepted and flooded with light and love. It can immediately develop its divine shine and glow in this light activation and find a heartfelt access to us.

Most Reiki practitioners using crystals and gemstones in treatments will probably use the following system: Red on the Base Chakra, Orange on the Sacral Chakra, Yellow on the Solar Plexus, Green or Pink on the Heart Chakra, Turquoise on the Throat Chakra, Indigo on the Third Eye and Violet, Clear or White on the Crown Chakra.

I would like to open your minds to the possibilities of placing other colours on the Chakras. So, here is the “first installment”, making use of seven Garnets in one Reiki Treatment.

Seven Garnets

Joyful Development, Vitality, Initiative

If we put a Garnet on each chakra for the Reiki (self-) treatment, a powerful red flows into all of the energy systems. When Reiki flows through each of the Garnets and activates their colour and energy on the subtle level it ascends increasingly into the bright-red colour stream of the universe.

This approach in a Reiki treatment is particularly helpful when a person feels himself to be very weak, physically, after a longer period of illness, a substantial loss of blood, a lack of drive and motivation in life, and in phases of development, whether they be on a material, physical, existential, professional or personal level, or on another level. This is an intense activation that we should only select when a person is very exhausted, weak, lacking in drive, disinterested in life, or in a phase of recovery after an illness or operation.

The Garnet in the Individual Energy Centres

Base Chakra

Garnet strikes the dominating vibrations of the energy centre and accordingly supports its main function: joyful development, the challenges of the material world, and the physical processes. For example, the garnet energy provides for healthy development of the blood and cells, a harmonization of the blood count, vital sexuality and drive, the development of a partnership and family, the satisfaction of needs relating to basic existence, for the development of a professional career, and an active, dynamic feeling for life.

Sacral Chakra

Garnet intensifies the “flowing,” the blood circulation and flow, motivates us to be spontaneous, creative, and take the initiative in confrontations with the “other,” the partner, and in decision-making situations. It helps us act in a practical and an imaginative manner. The joy of success gives us momentum.

Solar Plexus

Garnet has a constructive effect on the renewal of the cells in the liver, gallbladder, stomach, spleen, and pancreas, as well as intensifying the decomposition and removal of waste materials. It also strengthens our self‑confidence, encourages us to be more dynamic and spontaneous in coming out of our shell, drives us on to having a greater belief in our own capability of doing and carrying out those things that are important to us. Courage combined with initiative helps us overcome blocks that hinder us.

Heart Chakra

The centre of our love is strengthened with the garnet energy. On the pysical level Garnet will vitalise and strengthen the heart muscle and all of the tissue, thereby increasing circulation. Our ability to love is set into joyful stimulation. Spontaneity supports us in opening up to more love and helps us became familiar with the blazing flame of our heart’s love through the test of the fire power.

Throat Chakra

Garnet activates the power of our verbal possibilities of expression. We practically bubble over in joy and find it easier to make new contacts and develop relationships.

Third Eye

Garnet challenges our belief in ourselves and develops the willpower to realise our plans and ideas and for satisfying our basic needs for existence. Initiative and power of belief allow high objectives to become reality.

Crown Chakra

Garnet allows us to meditate with joy and zeal. Within us, it intensifies the inspirations and ideas for the practical requirements of our everyday life. The joy in the abundance of possibilities, in both non‑material and material affluence gives us the feeling of wealth on all levels.