Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease. ~HIPPOCRATES

Aromatherapy is a method of healing using very concentrated essential oils that are often highly aromatic and are extracted from plants. Constituents of the oils confer the characteristic perfume or odour given off by a particular plant. Essential oils help the plant in some way to complete its cycle of growth and reproduction. For example, some oils may attract insects for the purpose of pollination; others may render it distasteful as a source of food. Any part of a plant—the stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, roots or bark—may produce essential oils or essences but often only in minute amounts. Different parts of the same plant may produce their own form of oil. An example of this is the orange, which produces oils with different properties in the flowers, fruits and leaves.

Art and writing from the ancient civilizations of Egypt, China and Persia show that plant essences were used and valued by priests, physicians and healers. Plant essences have been used throughout the ages for healing—in incense for religious rituals, in perfumes and embalming ointments and for culinary purposes. There are many Biblical references that give an insight into the uses of plant oils and the high value that was attached to them. Throughout the course of human history the healing properties of plants and their essential oils have been recognized and most people probably had some knowledge about their use. It was only in more recent times, with the great developments in science and orthodox medicine, particularly the manufacture of antibiotics and synthetic drugs, that knowledge and interest in the older methods of healing declined. However, in the last few years there has been a great rekindling of interest in the practice of aromatherapy with many people turning to this form of treatment.

Inhalation, application and bathing ar the three main methods used to encourage the entry of essential oils in the body. When inhaled, the extremely volatile oils may enter via the olfactory systems, and permeation of the skin occurs when they are diluted and applied externally. By bathing in the essential oils, we can inhale and absorb the oils through the skin simultaneously.

On inhalation, essential oil molecules are received by receptor cells in the lining of the nose, which will transmit signals to the brain. Electrochemical messages received by the olfactory centre in the brain then stimulate the release of powerful neurochemicals in the blood which will then be transported around the body. Molecules inhaled into the lungs may pass into the bloodstream and be disseminated in the same way.

When rubbed or massaged into the skin, essential oils will permeate the pores and hair follicles. From here, they can readily pass into the tiny blood vessels by virtue of their molecular structure, and then travel around the body.

Everything in excess is opposed to nature. ~ HIPPOCRATES

Please note that Aromatherapy is not offered as a complete therapy at Healthy Choice at this point in time. Should you require a Aromatherapy Treatment I would be glad to refer you to someone that could help.

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Soul Plan Readings

  • Full Reading with Grace Clearing and Soul realignment
    90-120 minutes – R1800 (£180 / $255)
  • Name Change Reading
    60-90 minutes – starting at R1000 ( £90 / $130)
  • Name Optimisation Reading
    60-90 minutes – starting at R1000 ( £90 / $130)
  • Relationship Reading
    60-90 minutes – starting at R1000 ( £90 / $130)
  • Business Name Reading
    60-90 minutes – starting at R1000 ( £90 / $130)
  • Website Name Reading
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  • Specific Questions Reading
    60-90 minutes – starting at R1000 ( £90 / $130)

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