Shoden (Level I)

First Level of Usui’s Method of Energy Healing

12 to 18 hours @ R3600 (one-on-one training R5400) — Incl. comprehensive manuals, extra notes where applicable, refreshments and certificate.

Shoden is the Japanese word for ‘first teaching’ as this is the first step one takes in the ongoing journey toward self realisation through the system of Reiki.

Within Shoden you learn the essence of the system: How it works, its benefits and why we need to practise on ourselves. Self-healing is the focus of Shoden. A wonderful by-product of this personal awareness is that you will also learn the skills to be able to help your friends and family.

After completing Shoden you will feel competent in progressing further on your quest for internal happiness and well being — equipped with the traditional techniques taught to you. For those interested in working on a deeper and more professional level, Okuden (Level II) will be the next step.

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What makes this Reiki Shoden course different?

Reiki Shoden Material

The Reiki Shoden training include the following:

  • What is Reiki?
  • Characteristics of Reiki
  • Benefits of Reiki
  • History of Reiki.
  • Reiki Precepts
  • Hand positions for Reiki self treatment.
  • Hand positions for Reiki treatment for others (both seated and reclining).
  • Reiki for pets, animals, animate objects, inanimate objects, etc.
  • Chakra balance.
  • Byosen Reikan Ho (a technique used to scan the body for imbalances)
  • Hatsurei Ho (a meditation to enhance the student’s flow of Ki (Qi) and to help students to feel and experience Ki (Qi))
  • Jakikiri Joka Ho (a method for cleansing inanimate objects)
  • Nentatsu Ho (a technique for breaking bad habits and/or negative thought patterns)
  • Reiki Mawashi (a technique for building up Ki (Qi) between people)
  • Suchu Reiki (a technique where more than one Reiki Practitioner work on one person)
  • Attunement & Reiju
  • and more…

Also included:

  • Comprehensive manual
  • extra notes where applicable
  • Reiki Shoden Certificate
  • Refreshments

The course consists of 12 to 18 training hours. Courses run over a 6 week period (mornings or evenings, one lesson per week) or over a Saturday and Sunday (full days). Students are encouraged to work with the energy and to practice the techniques learned. Students are also welcome to contact me at any time during the course or after the course should they need guidance, clarity or advice.

Should you require personalised training, one-on-one training or a weekend course, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

A minimum of 21 days are suggested between Shoden (Level 1) and Okuden (Level 2) attunements. This gives your body time to adjust to the new connection to the Reiki Source and it gives the student time for any physical healing that needs to take place after the Shoden attunement.

What makes this Reiki Shoden course different?