Crystal Safe Haven

Healthy Choice presents its newest offering to the community; a Crystal Safe Haven. Here, crystals of all shapes and sizes — and in any condition, will be given a home —away from home.

The idea to launch a Crystal Safe Haven developed out of a number of realities:

  • Crystal owners often want a safe place to keep their crystals, where they will be cared for, while they are out of town.
  • Crystal owners sometimes find they have too many crystals and so pack their surplus stones away in a box in their home. Here, they are neglected and often just absorb the energy around them.
  • Crystal owners often want to give their crystals away — or even sell them, but do not know of anyone who would be interested — or how to reach those who would potentially be interested.
  • Would-be Crystal healers do not have the income available to expand their crystal collection in order to practice in the field of crystal healing, and therefore, would not pursue the calling.

For these reasons, the Crystal Safe Haven was established as a place where crystals can be stored, used for healing, sold, donated and shared with others.

All crystals received will be kept in love for any amount of time as decided by the owner. Healthy Choice will also take on the process of keeping the crystals energetically clean and clear, whilst at the same time, keeping track of all the crystals being housed.

Crystal Healer Students will have access to them to use as tools for crystal healing treatments, sharing their energy with clients in need of healing. If you decide to donate your crystals to Healthy Choice, they will be distributed free to Crystal Healing Students — and might also be used in treatments at Healthy Choice.

The Crystal Safe Haven will also provide a space where people can sell their unwanted crystals through the various streams of Bid or Buy, Facebook and the Healthy Choice website, as well as holistic fairs where Healthy Choice will be featured. Crystals can also be put on display at Healthy Choice, where clients will be able to purchase the crystals you provide for sale.

Instead of having crystals gather dust and stale energy, they will be cared for, cleansed and used in crystal healing treatments for the benefit of clients. Crystals can be expensive, so by allowing them to be kept in the Crystal Safe Haven or by donating your unwanted crystals, you give access to stones that would otherwise not be used for healing. Stones are also enjoyed by people when they are put on display, instead of being packed away and hidden from the world.

Share what you have been blessed with by allowing your crystals to be used for the good of all – for healing purposes – at the Healthy Choice Crystal Haven.