Ten Week Reiki Journey for Reiki Masters

Ideal for Reiki Master Practitioners and Reiki Master Teachers

20 hours @ R6000 (one-on-one training R9000) — Incl. comprehensive manuals, extra notes where applicable, refreshments and certificate.

The Ten Week Reiki Journey has been developed for the Reiki Master who wants to get back to the roots of Traditional Japanese Reiki, as founded by Dr. Mikao Usui in the 19th century. Today, with the enormous popularity of Reiki in the West, there are more than 60 different branches of Reiki, many of which do not teach the traditional methods from the East. This journey aims to re-introduce techniques and teachings based on the old system of Reiki, undiluted by other more recent systems.   In this Journey, you will learn how to incorporate these teachings into your treatments, whilst giving you space to focus on self-healing and self-development.

Through teaching the traditional methods of Reiki, the standard of Reiki training in South Africa and world will be raised to a new level, empowering Reiki Masters with skills and techniques to confidently pass on to students.

This Journey is meant only for Reiki Master Practitioners and Teachers of all major branches of Reiki, not limited to Usui Reiki Ryoho. A Reiju will be passed in each lesson and attunements will only be passed upon request.

For more information about Reiki classes please contact me.

Some topics covered in the 10 week journey:

  • Kuji-in (9 Seals — mudra meditations for spiritual development)
  • Revision of the 4 Reiki Symbols, including how to draw them
  • Kikou Face Massage
  • 4 Kikou Techniques (Three Circle Stance, Lifting the Sky, Carrying the Moon and Pushing Mountains)
  • Hatsurei Ho (method for generating greater amounts of spiritual energy)
  • Shou Shu Ten Ko (Microcosmic Orbit)
  • Byosen Reikan Ho (method for sensing imbalances, incl. understanding levels of Byosen)
  • Reiju Ho (advanced form of Byosen Reikan Ho)
  • Hanshin / Zenshin Koketsu Ho (half- and full body blood circulation method)
  • Ketsukei Kohan (advanced form of hanshin / zenshin koketsu ho)
  • Jakikiri Joka Ho (method for energetically cleansing and enhancing inanimate objects)
  • Nentatsu Ho (method to empower affirmations
  • Hesso Chiryo Ho (method for healing at the navel)
  • Koki Ho (method for sending ki with the breath)
  • Saibo Kassei Kokyu Ho (method for vitalising the cells through breath)
  • Sekizui jiko Ibuki Ho (method of cleansing the spinal cord with breath)
  • Chiyakura Kassei Kokyu Ho (method to activate the chakras)
  • Hado Kokyu Ho (method of vibrational breathing)
  • Hado Meiso Ho (method of vibrational meditation)
  • Gyoshi Ho (method for sending ki with the eyes)
  • Tanden Chiryo Ho (detoxifying and purifying method)
  • Nadete Chiryo Ho (method of stroking with the hands)
  • Oshite Chiryo Ho (method for using pressure with the hands)
  • Uchite Chiryo Ho (method of patting with the hands)
  • Learn how to perform Self-Reiju
  • Learn how to pass Reiju to others

I am a Registered Reiki Master of South Africa