Temple of Sound

Temple of Sacred Sound is an interactive sacred sound temple in cyberspace where people throughout the world can sound together for Global Harmonization-the process of creating peace and harmony on the planet. It’s free and available 24/7 to anyone throughout the planet with access to the Internet.

The combination of sacred sound coupled with intention creates a powerful technology for healing and transformation. Temple of Sacred Sound will offer this through the Internet, enabling us to assist shifting the consciousness of the planet. Within Temple of Sacred Sound are 3 different Toning Chamber with extraordinary visual imagery coupled with beautiful planetary healing sounds of thousands of people throughout the planet toning together.

Temple of Sacred Sound utilizes the technology of the Internet to assist Global Harmonization. Currently, the Internet represents the Neural Net of the planet-the Global Mind. In order for compassion and, kindness to manifest on the Earth, it is vital that the Global Heart of the planet be activated as well. This can be accomplished is through sound.

In many sacred traditions is the understanding that there is mind, there is body and speech (sound). Sound is the interconnecting linking mechanism between body and mind. With Temple of Sacred Sound, through using Global Sound, we can work with the Global Mind (the Internet) to activate the Global Heart as well as create a direct connect to spirit and to the Divine.

Temple of Sound

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