About Healthy Choice

Healthy Choice was established in 2005 by T/Dr Markus van der Westhuizen and offers clients a wide range of health and alternative healing treatments and training as well as the opportunity to network with other healing facilitators in South Africa.

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Healthy Choice Vision:

Housing healing treatments and esoteric teachings under one roof, Healthy Choice aims to create a positive, lasting change in the lives of clients, regardless of their religious and esoteric knowledge. As human lighthouses it is our responsibility to shine our inner lights as brightly as we can, so that everyone can see and be moved to shine their lights also.

Walking The Path:

We should all strive to be more like the masters who walked the earth before us. Buddha and Jesus are perfect examples of people who spread the message of light and love, without forcing their beliefs on anyone. They acted as a beacons and one could choose to follow that light or not – all without any judgment or force.

At Healthy Choice, we believe that the Truth is the same, no matter which form of it you practice, or background you come from. The Truth is available to anyone who seeks it and we hope to embark on that journey with you.

Just Ask For It!

As the magnetic master and angel Kryon explained, if you want the light in your life, just ask for it! Some people really want to find their spiritual side, but they don’t know where to go – or who to consult. Others are so focused on the material world that they have no interest in the spiritual world. All we can do is shine our light as brightly as we can in the hope that those who are not currently spiritual, will see the light we shine and ask the universe for it too, inviting it into their own lives.

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