Cord Cutting

Cord Cutting To Improve Your Emotional Health

What is a cord?

When you establish a significant relationship with someone (of any kind), you form two energetic connections with that person — a spiritual tie and a cord of attachment. Spiritual ties are always positive and uplifting and comes from a place of divine love. Cords of attachments contain all the negative patterns and dynamics of the relationship. You contribute negative patterns into that cord, and the other person does too.

These cords are connected to your aura and you are exposed to these negative patterns 24/7. They affect you subconsciously in a variety of ways and can drain your energy. It can also cause you to choose relationships and experiences that you may not have chosen in your current now-reality.

Good news is that cords of attachments can be cut, removed and healed.

What happens when you cut a cord?

When you cut a negative cord, you are cleansing the negative behavioural, emotional and mental patterns that circulate between you and the other person.  If the cordee is still alive, then your relationship can improve as a result.
If the cordee is dead or you are not in contact, then it becomes a lot easier to put the negative aspects and thoughts of that particular relationship behind you.

Which cords do you recommend I cut?

We don’t form cords of attachment with every single person we come in contact with. I usually check before we cut the cord to see if it is the correct one to cut at the given time.
Some relationships have more impact than others. Some of the big ones are:

  • Close relatives — parents, children or siblings
  • Someone close to you who suffers with addiction
  • Abusers and bullies
  • Anyone you’ve had a difficult break up with
  • Current spouse or partner, especially if you are having difficulties in the relationship

So we don’t form cords with everyone that we come into contact with?

No. We tend to have significant cords with family members. We also create cords when we become interested in a person, whether that is romantic or as a friend.

Why do we even form cords with people?

Negative patterns help us to grow, expand and evolve. Each relationship brings with it new challenges, lessons and experiences. Without these, there will be no growth.

Can you feel if someone cuts an energy cord to you?

When you cut a cord, you are cutting the cord on your end only, and the person you cut the cord with will not feel it. Life will continue as it has for them.

Why does it take 45-60 minutes to cut one cord? Can’t you just cut all your cords in a few minutes and be done with it?

Some people think that you can just ask Archangel Michael to cut a cord (or all your cords) and it will be so.  Or you can just visualize the cord-cutting happening and that will do it. Some metaphysical groups go around “cutting all your cords” in a 5 minutes ritual.

Usually these cutting ceremonies will be good for a few days, but the cords reconnect again, because you have to understand the energies, patterns and dynamics contained within the cord, in order to cut it.

When you just ask Archangel Michael to cut all your cords, psychic ties will be cut and not the major cords of attachments. Psychic ties are small connections that form between you and another person when you interact. They look like tiny threads, akin to webs of energy communication that form between us. They form between you and anyone you interact with. This could be in person, such as close family members and friends or it could be from a distance — people you watch on the TV, artists whose music you listen to and people you read about in newspapers.

Do you ever need to cut a cord a second time?

No, you only cut a cord once, and when you do it properly, it never comes back.

Does cord-cutting affect the other person?

No. It can only change your energy field and emotions.  It doesn’t impact on the other person because they have their own free will.

Can cords be removed in other ways?

You can reduce the negative effects of cord energies by doing Kinesiology, NLP, EFT, or other therapies that work on the psychological level.  Personally, I have found that Cord Cutting is one of the most effective types of healing for relationships.

I am thinking of cutting a cord to someone, but I’m not sure who – can you recommend someone in a session?

By all means. If you give me a list of people that you’d like to cut cords with, I will check to see if any of them are significant enough to cut.

Do you need to believe in cord-cutting for it to work?

No. Although this modality will suit you more if you are a spiritual person because we will be healing your energy body and chakras. If we don’t speak the same language (so to speak) then it will be harder to do the session.

Is it recommended to cut cords to someone you want to be with or remain married to?

Yes, – I often cut this type of cord for clients.

Does the cord-cutting change the relationship?

It can change how you feel and behave in positive ways. But it won’t necessarily turn an abusive or negative relationship into a good one. In those situations, it can help you to find more power to advocate for yourself and stand your ground, or end the relationship.

Are there some cords that are not worth cutting?

Yes – some cords are so small that they aren’t worth cutting.  We also have tiny psychic ties to people.  I always remove those after sessions.

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