Caron Reck, Cape Town, South AfricaI asked Markus for a Soul Plan Reading as I am looking at a new career in Life Coaching and wanted confirmation that I am choosing the right path before embarking on a time consuming and expensive course.

The Soul Plan Reading gave me all the answers I needed and more! It is truly life changing and has given me the encouragement and direction I was seeking.

Thank you Markus for facilitating this awesome experience!

A’drian H Nelson, Cape Town, South AfricaI first started receiving treatments and really good life advice from Markus about a year ago, perhaps a little more.

Initially I was quite depressed, feeling my life was stagnant. One crystal healing session later I realised it was the best money I ever spent in my life. As a birthday treat to myself I had a second one which was (to my greatest surprise) even more amazing.

Having had financial problems at the time I started using Crystal Alchemy’s Abundance, Prosperity and Success Crystal Essence — Immediately little windfalls started to come my way. 3 Weeks later I unexpectedly got offered a job I wasn’t qualified for at all and that paid me almost 3 times my then salary. Many more fantastic opportunities “simply presented themselves” to me, AND STILL IS!!

My life is amazing now in ways I never would never have dreamed possible 12 months ago. I have my own photography business, #AHNphotography, and have an amazing, fulfilling relationship.

I have been wearing Tachyons purchased through Markus — it is in a league of its own. Crystals on steroids!

Someone very close to me had very bad luck. I got him the Crystal Alchemy’s Abundance, Prosperity and Success Crystal Essence and a PEARL NECKLACE for good luck in business as he is an entrepreneur. He landed his DREAM JOB 3 days later, which is in perfect alignment with his entrepreneurship and additional work is now flowing in.

I absolutely refer and vouch for Markus’ integrity and positive results. His heart is in the perfect place and the client’s best interest is always at the top of his list. Plus, he is funny — makes you feel right at ease and ready to receive fromt he Universe in abundance. Namaste

Lucy Chard, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa… “Three weeks ago I became a student of Reiki and so far it has been a powerful journey of healing, peace and transformation.

I have wanted to learn Reiki since I was a teenager and I am thrilled to be doing my training here in Cape Town with a wonderful, kind and open group of people. If you are interested in learning Reiki or have an overall interest in energy healing, take a look at Healthy Choice for clear and comprehensive information.

I am looking forward to sharing more about my Reiki journey with you in the coming weeks.”

Source: www.lucyannechard.com

Margarita Stoffberg, Cape Town, South AfricaI came to Markus in January 2012 for the first time, not knowing what to expect at all and hoping my boss’s gift of a Crystal Healing Session would be everything she promised it would. I’ve always been a spiritual person, but have never paid all that much attention to it, and have to say I mostly avoided that side of myself. I have also never been for healing in any form and was very sceptical in the beginning, that crystals could facilitate change on any kind of level.

Well, my very first session changed my life as I knew it. Markus comes across as a gentle and unassuming human being but he has a true gift of being able to channel energies that can literally turn you upside down and inside out. I didn’t even know what I needed healing for, but boy, did that change! After my first session, my 10 year 20 a day nicotine habit fell away, as if by magic. I put down my cigarettes and never looked back. Not to say that it wasn’t a struggle but without this healing, I would never have even considered giving up. I have now gone for 4 sessions in total and I can say with confidence that I am truly changed for the better. Addictive habits, neediness and fear have all started exiting my life, sometimes quite suddenly and sometimes very painfully. However, without this healing I would never have started on this incredible spiritual and self exploratory journey which fulfills and excites me far more than the lifestyle I led previously.

I’m incredibly grateful to Markus for facilitating this deep healing for me, and would recommend a session in a heartbeat for anyone, whether you think you need it or not. I take the essences every day to help me carry the lessons I have learnt and to further heal hurts that I learnt I had repressed. I would ideally like to learn the healing arts myself one day so I can help people the way that I have been helped by Crystal Healing.

Jandri MaCaulay, Cape Town, South AfricaWe don’t leave our house without having had a few drops of the Auric Protection Crystal Elixir. It makes us cope with all the “energies,” especially in Shopping Malls. For me personally it slows down my heart beat and thereby reduces stress levels — a bit like meditating whilst interacting with people…
I have also been using the Astral Travel, Dreams and Akashic Records Crystal Elixir, on a regular basis, just before going to sleep. After 3 weeks my dreams are becoming clearer and I can remember the essence of my dreams upon waking.
Charlene Yared-West, Cape Town, South AfricaI have completed Reiki 1, 2 and 3 with Markus van der Westhuizen. I would highly recommend anyone thinking of doing Reiki to go to Markus for classes. Not only is he a grounded person, but he also has a passion for facts and teaching Reiki in its purest sense. You are introduced to the way Reiki was, when it was first founded by Dr Usui – and this kind of information is invaluable. A solid basis is provided for the student to build upon – in order to make Reiki their own. Since then, I believe that Reiki started me off on my journey into spirituality. I now give automatic writing readings and utilise Reiki to initiate the flow of higher energy through me. I also use Markus’ crystal elixirs for meditation and to access the Akashic Records. I find the energy of these elixirs to be of a very high vibration, excellent for working in the higher realms. There are also elixirs for concentration, weight loss and relationships – all of which I have used and which continue to yield results. I thank Markus for bringing his unique signature to the planet – his kind of energy is so needed on earth right now. Thank you.
Lindsay Botha, Cape Town, South AfricaI completed Reiki 1, 2 and 3 with Markus. It was such an amazing journey for me – and I have no doubt that Markus played a big role in that journey. His teachings of the three levels of Reiki are done with passion, knowledge and gentleness. Markus has a huge belief and understanding of the Eastern ways and really spent time, care and energy transferring as much of that knowledge and passion as he could to us. We were not only learning Reiki – but enjoying all the other insights he could share with us about the Japanese Reiki Culture. The training sessions were always well structured and timeous and I never felt uncomfortable asking questions or getting things wrong. His hands on approach allowed us the opportunity from as early as level 1 – to see the impacts and benefits of Reiki. Markus is dedicated to healing and teaching – this I believe is what drives him. This is not a job, but a calling for him. His manuals are so well written and structured as well, I do believe they must be the best out there – but this is my bias! Thank you Markus for a wonderful journey. 
Lindy Briginshaw, Cape Town, South AfricaI am so grateful to have the opportunity to meet and interact with Markus van der Westhuizen. I have participated in his Reiki Shoden (1st degree) and Okuden (2nd degree) courses which were inspiring and powerful. He is a talented trainer and Reiki Master and he impressed me with how knowledgeable he is and how well prepared he was for the course and his students. He even spoilt us with delicious healthy lunches, tea and biscuits! I hope to do the 3rd level Reiki course soon! I have also had two Crystal Healing sessions with Markus and would recommend this form of healing modality highly. Markus’ knowledge of crystals is so very impressive and the crystal healing sessions are very powerful and deeply relaxing. I recommend Markus highly.
Flip le Roux, Cape Town, South AfricaTeacher. Support. This springs to mind when I think of my Reiki 1 and 2  training with Markus. His explanations are clear and he will repeat or demonstrate something until you understand and know. He will also lovingly answer questions you initially might consider “stupid”!
I think the support he gives his students after the initial training is worth mentioning. Should something be unclear or you are wondering about this or that – you need but ask and Markus will clarify matters to the best of his ability.
He also support his students by sending Reiju on an regular basis.
Markus also appreciates good chocolate cake or chocolate brownies (seriously).
Denise Allen, Durban, KwaZulu Natal, South AfricaI recently attended a workshop led by Markus in Durban, which I found inspiring and enlightening. Markus is a natural leader and committed healer. He has the ability to make the knowledge he is passing on interesting and fun to learn. Although he takes the work seriously he has a sense of humour , which makes the experience enjoyable. I can highly recommend any workshop  led by Markus. He has so much knowledge and is generous in passing on all he knows. He is creative in his approach and is enthusiastic about helping all healers grow and connect. 
Bronwen de Klerk, Cape Town, South AfricaMarkus van der Westhuizen taught me my first degree in Reiki. I thoroughly enjoyed his teaching style and found him to be very knowledgeable on the subject. Markus also has a well-rounded knowledge on other healing modalities and has an enquiring nature, which makes one feel confident that his opinions are well researched and trustworthy. I will certainly be doing my second Reiki degree with him and would highly recommend him as a teacher / course facilitator.
Saajida Kader, Durban, KwaZulu Natal, South AfricaI had attended a Reiju workshop with Markus. I love his humbleness and his wisdom which he so readily shares without hesitation. His passion for his work extends far beyond what he offers to you as a student… His dedication,creativeness and zest for life is an inspiration to us all.