Office, Home and Land

Healthy Choice is truly a one-stop shop, offering a range of energy healing modalities, body work and natural health options, readings and guidance, shamanic work and solutions for home and office. 

Office, Home and Land

  • Energetic Space Clearing — Arguments, upsets, illness, traumas and other unsettling energies or unwanted entities can linger and disturb the harmonious balance of your home or office. Space clearing removes, clears and heals these low frequency energies, bringing into the space high frequency and harmonious energies.
  • Geopathic Stress Release involves locating and balancing geopathic and electromagnetic stresses in and around the house. Examples of stresses are ley lines, fault lines, heartmann vortex points, curry net vortex points, water veins, wifi hot routers, television sets, microwave ovens, computers, etc.

Price List

Download a price list for the Woodstock Practice here, and for the Tulbagh Practice here.

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