Abundance, Success and Prosperity Crystal Essence

abundance, success and prosperityThis essence allows one to receive financial and spiritual abundance from the Universe. It attracts synchronistic opportunities, business success and wealth while energising and blessing one’s work. It removes doubts, worries and negative thoughts surrounding abundance, prosperity and wealth, and re-establishes one’s sense of self-worth.

The crystals used in this essence are:

  • Ocean Jasper — Brings one’s consciousness to the present moment, relieving worry about the future or bitterness about the past.
  • Malachite — Increases one’s ability to obtain good deals and sales during business meetings.
  • Emerald — Business success. Strengthen the memory, increases understanding and assists to produce eloquent speech.
  • Ruby — Wealth increasing stone. Attracts synchronistic opportunities and beneficial situations.
  • Blood Stone — Helps one to maintain faith in and trust the Divine. Attracts wealth.
  • Sapphire — Carries the “strength of mind” and is excellent at countering influence against negative thoughts.
  • Tourmaline — Used to draw money and success in business. It also stimulates creativity.
  • Topaz — Clarifies one’s intensions, aligning it with Divine Will and manifesting it in the physical world.
  • Aventurine — Assists with moving forward with confidence. Known as the “good luck stone” and is wonderful for manifesting greater prosperity.
  • Chrysoprase — Carries an energy of growth and ripening promise. Allows one to receive the infinite love and abundance of the Universe.
  • Peridot — Known as the stone of financial and spiritual abundance. Promotes an inner sense of warmth and wellbeing. Blesses and energises one’s work. Assists one in re-establishing a sense of self-worth.
  • Salt — Removes doubts, worries and negative energies. Attracts money.

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Magickal Crystal Essence for: Abundance, Success and Prosperity
WARNING: Certain minerals, gemstones or crystals can react with water to produce toxic chemicals that are not fit for human or animal consumption. Certain minerals, gemstones or crystals may be damaged by water. Certain minerals, gemstones or crystals are light sensitive and it is not advisable to place them in direct sunlight. Consult with a qualified and experienced Crystal Healer before attempting to create crystal essences at home.