7 Spiritual Laws of Yoga… under the Bodhi Tree

Inspired by the 7 Laws of Success, Deepak Chopra and David Simon have successfully created a program in their book The 7 Spiritual Laws of Yoga: A practical Guide to Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit. In a “Bodhi” nutshell, I have briefly summarized each law to apply in our everyday lives. Included in each law is an associated mantra that can be chanted at your “mudra” tips, out loud or internally for a deeper meditation. By following this program and putting these Laws into action daily your physical vitality will be increased, emotional bockages from your heart will become clear, and your life will be awakened with joyfulness and enthusiasm.

1st Spiritual Law of YOGA: Law of Pure Potentiality ~ Cultivate stillnes in your body and mind. Practice shifting into a witnessing mode of awareness -witness intelligence in every living thing. Practice nonjudgement and you will be given direct access to the field of Pure Potentility. ♥ mantra – Om Bhavam Namah – I am absolute existence.

2nd Spiritual Law of Yoga: The Law of Giving and Receiving ~ maintain life awareness effortlessly and without expectations. Express gratitude for ALL experiences and opportunities. Surrender to the Universe by committing to enlivening the Law of Giving and Receiving by circulating LOVE, affection, appreciation, and acceptance. ♥ mantra – Om Vardhanam Namah – I am the nourisher of the universe.

3rd Spritual Law of Yoga: The Law of Karma ~ consciously choose actions that bring happiness and success to others and the fruit of your karma is happiness and success ♥ mantra – Om Kriyam Namah – My actions are aligned with cosmic law‎.

4th Spiritual Law of Yoga: The Law of Least Effort ~ 1.Practice acceptance. 2.take responsibility for the challenge you are facing and remember that every challenge is an opportunity in disguise. 3.Establish your awareness in defenselessness. ~ Timing and Finesse are the tools for transformation- LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY, DO LESS and ACCOMPLISH MORE. ♥ mantra – Om Daksham Namah – My actions achieve maximal benefit with minimal effort.

5th Spiritual Law of Yoga: The Law of Intention and Desire ~ 1.Be Clear and write a list of the things you would like to manifest in your life. 2.Surrender the outcome to nature and trust that when things are not going exactly the way you intend, there IS a bigger plan. 3.Practice present moment awareness and remember that being in the moment empowers your most cherished intentions and desires. ♥ mantra – Om Ritam Namah – My intentions and desires are supported by cosmic intelligence.

6th Spiritual Law of Yoga: Law of Detachment ~ 1.Practice being flexible and allow yourself and those around you the freedom to be natural.2.Embrace uncertainty as an essential ingredient of your experience.3.Surrender to the field of pure potentiality. Remind yourself to relinquish your need to control, allow creative solutions to emerge from the wisdom of uncertainty, and let go. ♥ mantra – Om Anandham Namah – My actions are blissfully free from attachment to outcome.

7th Spiritual Law of Yoga: The Law of Dharma (purpose in life) ~ 1. discover your higher SELF. Be silent and listen to the voice within you that animates your body and mind. 2. acknowledge and express your talents. When you are in the flow of your dharma, expressing your unique talents, time loses its hold on you and you enter into timeless awareness. 3. Serve others. When your creative expressions match the needs of your fellow humans, abundance flows into your life. ♥ mantra – Om Varunam Namah- My life is in harmony with cosmic law.

“Master your words. Master your thoughts. Never allow your body to do harm. Follow these three roads with purity and you will find yourself upon the one way, The way of wisdom.” ~ Buddha Dhammapada


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