Invocation to Angels of Higher Light for Protection of Domestic / Business Premises

  1. Have a clear picture of an octahedron in your mind.
    1. This is a four-sided pyramid with one pyramid facing up and a second pyramid facing down. The floor area is square and common to both Pyramids.
    2. An Octahedron is one of the platonic solids and is therefore one on the building blocks of life on this planet. As a Platonic Solid it generates an energy field of its own.
  2. Now visualise your house including the land that it stands on.
  3. Visualise the square floor of the Octahedron as being placed over you property at ground level.
    1. You may find that to achieve the square, you need to overlap into a neighbour’s property or pull the base lines closer to your house. NOTE: This visualisation of the square is important as it determines the base of the octahedron.
    2. Placing part of the floor into a neighbouring property is totally acceptable as it will not disturb their energy levels, in fact it can give them a measure of protection.
    3. If you are not very visual go outside and actually pace off each line so that you form a square with each of the base lines the same length. Spot a tree or some landmark that you are able to relate to, for each corner. By doing this you will be able, with your eyes closed, to visualise the layout of the square base.
    4. Once you have the square visualised you are ready to begin.
  4. Choose one of the corners of the square, face it and call out verbally or mentally: “Angels of Higher Light I call upon you to erect an Octahedron of Light over my entire premises”.
  5. Visualise that a very tall Angel takes up position at the corner you are looking at and stands on the ground at the designated corner facing you.
  6. Now say and point at the corner: “Anchoring each corner Above and Below.”
  7. Visualise another Angel appearing upside down immediately underneath the first one so that their feet are touching. The second one is a mirror image of the first.
  8. Now turn and face the next (2nd) corner and repeat the process.
  9. Repeat the process a third time at the third corner.
  10. Repeat the process at the last (4th) corner. Once this last corner is in place continue to turn back to the 1st corner so completing the drawing of the square base.
  11. Now turn to face the CENTRE of the base, and looking upward at about 51º visualise the tip of the top pyramid and say: “Anchoring each APEX Above.”
  12. Now look down into the Earth immediately below the Apex ‘above’ and visualise the Apex below and say: “And Anchor the Apex Below.”
  13. As you say “Anchor the Apex above and the Apex below” visualise an Angel holding the energy of the point (Apex) of the pyramids their feet touching in a similar manner to the Angels holding the energy in the corners.
  14. Next, request that this Octahedron of Light be filled with the HIGHEST VIBRATIONS of Love, Light and Protection.
  15. Repeat this Invocation at least once a day, every day.
  16. With time you should be able to visualise a beam of light traveling from each set of Angels at each corner along to the next so that as you form your ground square it will be demarcated by a beam of light.
  17. When you attend to setting the Apex Angel above, once in place you will “see” four beams of light from each corner “Above Angel” rising up to meet at the Apex Angel.
  18. Similarly as you set the Apex Angel below four beams of light from the corner Angels below will converge on the Apex Angel ‘below’.

This Octahedron will protect you and your house with the help of these Angels. This does NOT mean that you become lax in the ordinary physical protections, such as keeping security gates locked and closed or alarm systems armed or doors locked at night. Remember we are in the 3rd dimension and if we leave gaps advantage can be taken.

Inner Octahedrons of Light can be set up over Healing rooms etc. — It would then be appropriate to ask for the Octahedron to be filled with the Highest Vibration of Light, Love and Healing. In fact you can ask for anything that is for the Greater Good to be put into your Octahedron, just keep it at “The Highest Vibration of…” and keep it simple.

This invocation was supplied by Mary-Jean Martin,, 011-849-8088.