Nadete Chiryô Hô 撫手治療法

A method of stroking with the hands

  • nadete 撫手 – stroking with the hands
  • chiryô 治療 – treatment, cure, remedy
  • hô法 – method

You can incorporate this technique into a regular treatment or use it on its own.
This technique stems from Traditional Chinese Medicine and has its roots in Qi Gong (Kikou) and Chinese Massage (tui-na). The most important thing in stoking is that you have the intent to clear the energy of meridians and organs. You stroke with the palm of your hand, either with one hand or both hands on top of each other.

The Organ-Emotion Link. Kikou (Qi Gong) Theory. (Adapted from Cohen, 235-7, Gerber 160)

Organ: primary & secondary

Harmful Emotions

Qi Effect

Physical Effects

Positive Emotions

Needed to Heal, Balance

Spleen, Stomach

Excessive concentration. Empathy (Loss of own boundaries)

Knotted and stuck

Gastric disturbances, high blood pressure, weakened immunity, phlegm and colds

Trust, Faith, Confidence

Spend time in nature.

Lungs, Large Intestine

Anxiety, Sorrow, Grief, Depression


Asthma, Bronchitis

Integrity, dignity

Elbow room.

Kidneys, Bladder


Contraction, frozen qi

Kidney disease, Urinary tract infection (UTI), cold feet, memory loss


Avoid stress.

Liver, Gallbladder



Muscle tension, eyestrain, headaches, hemorrhoids


Companionship, benevolence.

Heart, Small Intestine

Joy (excitability, hysteria, excess), Shock

Scatters and disperses

Uneven pulse, cardiac problems, overeating

Ritual, Orderliness, Creativity

Peace and quiet. Security. Not overstimulation.

Front of the body:

  1. Start at the heart (middle of chest) then move to the stomach, on the liver and all the way down the outside of the legs and flick off the energy at the toes. In one long stroke.
  2. Start a the heart (middle of chest) then move to the stomach on to the spleen and all the way down the outside of the leg and flick off the energy at the toes. In one long stroke.
  3. Begin at the heart on to the shoulders and down the arm, flick off energy at the fingers.
  4. Put your index and middle fingers of both hands just between the eyebrows, finger tips touching and hold there for about 20 seconds. Then stroke slowly towards the temples along the eyebrows, hold the fingers at both temples for another 20 seconds. Stroke further till the ears and flick off energy.
  5. Put your index and middle finger of both hands on either side of he nose just below the eyes and hold there for 20 seconds. Follow the cheekbones till your hands reach the ears and flick off the energy.

The areas to stroke on the back of the body:

  1. Start at the bas of the neck and stroke along the spine all the way down to the tailbone. This will clear the heart, kidneys and spinal meridians.

For clarity, you can see that the liver is located behind the rib cage and not under it. (1. Transverse Colon; 2. Ascending Colon; 3. Liver; 4. Stomach (Spleen behind the stomach); 5. Descending Colon; 6. Small Intestines)