Reiki and Crystals Part 8 – Chalcedonies

See introduction in Reiki and Crystals Part 1

Seven Chalcedonies

Verbal Communication, “Speaker Stone”

The chalcedony is a light blue stone, often with white wave lines. When we put it on each energy centre for a Reiki (self-) treatment, light blue waves flood through our life stream and energy system. Its pale blue colour, with white, rises up into the great cosmic light blue ray. The chalcedony devas work with our verbal expression and help us to better communicate our thoughts and feelings and everything that “moves” us, thereby intoning that we are “heard.” We learn to communicate appropriately so that this is accepted and can be understood by others, powerfully but without “exploding” or “swallowing” what we have to say.

The Chalcedony in the Individual Energy Centres

Base Chakra

Chalcedony helps us to communicate our feelings, fears, desires, needs, longings, plans and goals related to matters of existence. On another level, the vibrations of light blue and white have the effect of assisting us come into fluent communication when we are angry, aggressive, or excessively fearful and blocked.

Sacral Chakra

Chalcedony evokes creativity and imagination in the communication with our partners. We can express and communicate what moves us, what we expect from the other person, our fears, our preferences and suggestions. In the sacral centre, chalcedony helps us to come into a stronger state of flux, becoming more flexible, nimble, agile and willing to communicate through verbal expression.

Solar Plexus

Chalcedony supports us in expressing what we can’t “stomach.” It encourages us to communicate what has “hit home” with us and how it has done so. We learn to communicate from our centre, with self-assurance and a pleasant sounding voice.

Heart Chakra

Chalcedony intensifies the language of our heart. We learn to better convey in words the feelings of our heart, our love, as well as our innermost injuries, humiliations and rejections. As a result, we stop taking offence and we don’t feel the need to withdraw in order to punish others and ourselves. The loving aspects of our being can then be expressed properly.

Throat Chakra

Chalcedony brings gentle movement into the throat centre that supports a willingness and ability to communicate and exchange ideas through language. It allows verbal expression to become powerful and fluent. We learn to “play” with language, be creative, build up contacts and, if we so desire, communicate with “the entire world.” Chalcedony encourages us to overcome inhibitions and gives us sensitivity for the “right” word at the proper time.

Third Eye

Chalcedony supports communication with the spiritual world and helps us to naturally “speak” with the spiritual guides, helpers, angels, ascended masters, and other light beings. This opens us up to new possibilities of being connected and to an energy exchange with the light beings.

Crown Chakra

Chalcedony brings movement into our communication with the higher self, making it possible for us to listen to our inner voice and respect intuition from the light world. Our meditations and prayers become true communication with God.

Chalcedony Reiki (self-) treatment is helpful when we need to express ourselves more fluently, whether it be oral or written, or when a situation especially requires this (i.e. lectures, difficult negotiations, important discussions, writing an exams, etc.).