Reiki and Crystals Part 5 – Chrysoprases

See introduction in Reiki and Crystals Part 1

Seven Chrysoprases

“Dying and Developing,” Regeneration

With Chrysoprases on each chakra, a gently shimmering apple‑green stream of light flows into our energy system and into our stream of life. This gentle green brings us the power of regeneration and renewal. We can develop a freer approach to dying and developing, to giving and taking. Chrysoprase clears the path for natural healing and takes away the fear of dying. It allows us to not only experience the one side, death on the level of the material world, but also the other side, the birth of our soul on the level of the spirit.

Our true self is immortal and only its vibrational state changes.
We learn to let go of our fears and open up to power, joy and spontaneity in many areas of our life. This makes the Chrysoprase Reiki (self‑) treatment the “fountain of youth” that constantly renews the liveliness, the “yes” to vital life and to allow us to radiate as fresh as a dewdrop, in gentle beauty.

The Chrysoprase in the Individual Energy Centres

Base Chakra

Chrysoprase flows into our fears related to existence and death. On the physical level, this has the effect of dissolving dead cells, healing sick cells and permitting new and healthy cells to grow more quickly and in a greater numbers. In the mastering of our everyday life, we feel ourselves free of fears, even if we haven’t succeeded in doing everything that we planned to do. We are more open to new impulses and the constantly recovering and renewing vitality of our body.

Sacral Chakra

Chrysoprase connects with our fears regarding relationships. Fears of losing the people we love and fears of opening up to people who seem strange and different to us. Chrysoprase reveals new areas of experience and new possibilities for approaching the “other,” bringing renewal into our relationships and letting them become an elixir of life for us and others.

Solar Plexus

Chrysoprase promotes a self‑assurance that continually renews itself. We become free of having to prove ourselves stronger, better, bigger and more powerful than others. Our natural authority and beauty develops and radiates without wanting to “dish out” or having to “put up” with things.

Heart Chakra

Chrysoprase activates one of the two main streams of the heart chakra through the green stream of light. We learn to let go of pain that has remained from injuries to the love in our hearts, particularly the anguish in connection with the loss of a beloved person, pain or separation and the resulting fears of separation. Chrysoprase frees us from clinging to such experiences and lets us find liberation in the love of the heart.

Throat Chakra

Chrysoprase relieves irritations of the respiratory system and respiratory organs. On another level, it supports our verbal expression with the love of the heart allowing our words and the sound of our voice to have a natural and loving effect. We can dissolve speaking inhibitions and difficulties of verbal expression in the energy of “dying and developing.” We can also communicate what once caused us fear, and we will be rewarded with successful experiences.

Third Eye

Chrysoprase animates the visual faculty of our eyes with the energy of regeneration. Our Third Eye is activated so that we can permit the “death” of our notions, thoughts, self‑concepts, ideas and ideals that do not promote our further spiritual development. Taking in new impulses and inspirations with the help of Chrysoprase has a refreshing effect on our mental world, which often tires us with bogged‑down or constantly circling thoughts.

Crown Chakra

Chrysoprase intensifies our confrontation with “all” and “nothing.” We increasingly perceive that everything we can imagine is already there. Yet, nothing comes into rou earthly life that wasn’t meant to be and that isn’t in tune with love. Only love allows us to let go, forming and experiencing something new at the same time. This is the secret of regeneration.

A Reiki (self-) treatment with Chrysoprase is suggested when we need to let go of the old and make room for something new. Chrysoprase has a renewing power on all levels. The Chrysoprase treatment is also beneficial for physical disorders, after operations, for disrupted and afflicted cell growth, for destroyed tissue, etc. as it has a refreshing and revitalising effect on the physical body.

The Reiki (self‑) treatment with a Chrysoprase on each energy centre is appropriate when we long for renewal and regeneration. Also for when we are confronted with death (on any level), and would like to find our way to a natural attitude and liberated approach to giving and taking on all levels.