Sûchû Reiki (集中靈氣)

Concentrated Spiritual Energy

This is a technique where several practitioners work on one person. When using this technique treatments are generally performed over a shorter period of time than regular treatments due to the intensity of working together with other practitioners.

  1. Gasshô* — to centre the mind and set intent.
  2. Each practitioner places both hands on the body of the client.
  3. The practitioners cover the main parts of the body and any imbalances. 
  4. Gasshô — to give thanks.
* Literally Gasshô means “to place the two palms together”. It has several interpretations at different levels. Initially it was used as a sign of reverence. It also says, “I revere the Buddha nature in you” — a non-judgmental manner of showing respect for all beings.Gasshô also brings opposites together to create balance and harmony in the body.
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