Lifting the Sky

I wish to stress that kikou form alone is not kikou. Kikou is the art of energy management, and the form is just a tool or means to implement energy management. If you merely perform kikou form, you are only doing physical exercise. Keep your focus on the flow or energy at all times during the exercise. It is of the utmost importance to breathe gently.

  1. Stand relaxed and upright, with your feet fairly close together (one fist width apart).
  2. Close your eyes. NB: It is important that your eyes remain closed for the remainder of the exercise, as opening them releases the energy that you have worked to build up, out through the eyes. Throughout the exercise, your head will move as though you are following the position of your hands.
  3. Gasshô to centre the body, mind and spirit, and set the intent.
  4. Bring your hands to your sides and relax.
  5. Hold your arms straight down, with your hands at right angles to the forearm, your fingers are pointing towards each and your palms are parallel to the ground in front of the lower torso.
  6. Inhale gently through the nose while bringing the arms in a wide arc forward and upward so that the palms (still at right angles) now face skyward.
  7. Hold your breath and push the palms up (still at right angles) towards the sky and feel your back straighten.
  8. Flick the wrists so your palms now face away from your body (left hand facing left and the right hand facing right).
  9. Exhale through an open, relaxed mouth while lowering your arms sideways in a wide arc, until they return to your sides, keeping your palms parallel to the ground and back to the starting position.
  10. Repeat this about 10 to 20 times. Each time the palms are pushed to the sky, feel your back straighten and each time your arms are lowered, feel the flow of energy down your body.
  11. Move on to the next Kikou exercise or perform Reiki Undô.
  12. Finish off with the Kikou Face Massage and Sounding Heavenly Drum.