Open Heart Exercise

This exercise creates a trusting and open relationship with others. Reiki is about opening up your heart and living life in a compassionate, loving way. Here is a technique to open the heart up to each other.

  1. Stand opposite your partner.
  2. Make and maintain eye contact throughout the whole exercise.
  3. Place your palms flat against theirs (right against left).
  4. Your right hand gently clasps their left wrist (your partner doing the same).
  5. When you feel the link is made at eye-to-eye level and you begin to feel your partner’s energy place their left hand on your heart chakra (your partner doing the same).
  6. Stay like this until you feel you have opened enough and exchanged enough energy. This could be as little as 30 seconds or as long as 20 minutes.
  7. Now move your hands so that you and your partner are palm to palm again.
  8. Slowly bring all four hands together to form a diamond shape between index fingers and thumbs, your hands still palm to palm.
  9. Bring this up to eye level and maintain your eye-to-eye contact through the diamond’s centre. Stay like this for a moment, maintaining eye contact.
  10. Raise your arms up as far as you can reach above, still maintaining eye-to-eye and palm-to-palm contact.
  11. Let go of your partner and fan your arms slowly out horizontally and then embrace each other.