Psychic Surgery


This is not psychic surgery as you may have seen on television or read about in books! We will not be dragging lumps of gore out of the body.

Real changes may occur inside the body with Reiki treatments of this and any kind, and sometimes there can be a slight after effect, as stagnant energies and blockages are released from the subject’s aura. Although the changes made within the aura will reflect in the subject’s life and behaviour, subjects must be willing to commit to changes in their lives in order for complete healing to be achieved. Otherwise, repetition of past behaviour and conditioning may undo any progress made.

It is important to remember to be gentle during this type of treatment. You will be surprised how often the subject can feel exactly what you are doing within their aura.

You may adapt parts of this procedure to better suit your own techniques and practice.


Negative, unbalanced and even foreign energies may lodge itself in or around the physical organs, chakras and aura. This is usually composed out of negative thinking patterns and feelings, or taking certain drugs. It blocks the flow of life force energy and causes disease. The energy forms into clumps with a particular shape/size. It can be removed by using the following Reiki technique.

This technique can be used to facilitate the healing of any issue including physical health problems, career and money problems, emotional difficulties, relationship issues, addictions, mental problems, etc.

Psychic surgery can be used in conjunction with a regular hands-on Reiki session. Start the session with psychic surgery and then continue with Reiki.

Ask the client to describe the issue they would like to address and heal.

  1. Ask them to close their eyes and meditate on the issue. Then ask them if this problem is in a part of the body, and which part would it be. This is often easy as the client will feel tension or pain in this area of the body whenever they think about the issue. If there is any difficulty in choosing an area, just ask the client to take a guess with the idea. There is no wrong answer.
  2. Ask them to imagine they are looking into the area they have chosen and ask them if this problem had a shape and what it looks like. This is associated with the negative energy that is causing the problem. If a person has a physical problem, it is important for them to see the shape as negative energy surrounding the physical organs or area of the body that has the problems rather than simply using the shape of the organs themselves.
  3. Do the same thing with colour, texture, weight and sound so that they have a clear image of the blockage. Remember that any answer is OK and that they don’t have to get all of them.
  4. Ask them to focus on the shape and meditate on letting go of it. Also ask them to acknowledge and be willing to learn any lesson or receive any information related to the healing process.

The process

  1. The client can be standing, sitting or lying down.
  2. Stand behind the subject or at the foot end of the therapy bed.
  3. Gasshô to centre and set the intent.
  4. Perform Byôsen Reikan Hô and scan the body for any byosen.
  5. Make a sweep across the area that requires the healing, in order to clear away any ‘debris’ that may have collected. With both hands coned by bringing all the fingertips together, draw a square (or circle, or slice) in the area to open the aura, and then with your dominant hand draw Symbol 4 (This symbol is only revealed in the Master level. If you do not know this symbol yet only work with Symbols 2 and 1) and visualise it travelling into the opening you created.
  6. See the area you are working on protected by light.
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 with Symbol 2 and Symbol 1.
  8. Bring your client’s attention to the area where you are working and to breathe light into the area while you work.
  9. Now gently make a cutting motion with your dominant hand to sever the problem area from the healthy part, (I prefer to gently cradle the ‘diseased area’ with my non dominant hand, to support it while I am severing it from the healthy areas), and either visualise your fingers drawing out the problem, or physically lift the dis-ease out, and consign it to the violet flame or psychic dustbin. If you work with crystals, place Malachite* on the area during this stage of the process. (Black stones can be used to draw out negative energy. Quartz Crystal can also be used to draw out negative energy.)
  10. Scan the area with your hands, and if you feel it is required, repeat step 8 again.
  11. Draw the Symbol 2 again to start the healing process. If you work with crystals, remove the malachite now, and place Aventurine or Rose Quartz on the area to cleanse and soothe.)
  12. Beam Reiki to the area for 3 or more minutes.
  13. Now move your hands across the area smoothing the aura back (finish by removing any crystals, if working with crystals).
  14. If at all possible give the subject a full Reiki treatment afterwards, but if this is not possible then visualise and pull a golden gossamer veil over the subject, and ask your guides to continue the healing process. You may like to use Symbol 3 for this continued healing request.

Other vibrational healing may also be used in conjunction with this form of treatment — healing herbs, crystals, colour therapy, etc.

* NOTE: Be very careful when working with Malachite. Should the stone work too fast and deep add Rose Quartz to the area to make it easier for your client to process the information.

OPTIONAL: Throughout this process you can visualise your finders as extended beams of light. Start by pulling on your physical fingers and imagine you are pulling them out into the air about 15-20 cm. As you are pulling your fingers out, breathe in through partly closed lips so you can hear the air flowing. Do this three times with each finger. Then pat the ends of your extended fingers and imaging you can actually feel them. Draw Symbol 1 on the ends of the fingers. Do this with both hands. Move your hands around imagining you can feel the extended fingers and the power they contain.