Reiki and Crystals Part 3 – Amber

See introduction in Reiki and Crystals Part 1

Seven Ambers

Success Treatment

The Reiki (self-) treatment with amber brings a rich golden yellow into our life stream, making it possible to meet other light beings who can help us to achieve success. These beings will help us by sharing with us their experience of joy.

Flooding our energy system with this joy of success dissolves any blocks, fears and self-doubt that may prevent our success. This gives us the power and the endurance to reach a goal. A blissful feeling of being alive flows through us when we permit success to happen.

The Amber in the Individual Energy Centres

Base Chakra

In this charka success is particularly supported on materialistic level of our existence. We are guided to people who can help us achieve things like professional, financial, and/or personal success. With their help, we find a house, an apartment, a partner, good business connections, suitable space for a practice, etc.

Sacral Chakra

Amber radiates energy into the level of relationships and partnership. Modes of behaviour that prevent us from achieving success are dissolved. Creativity and imagination is stimulated to allow us to deal more successfully with other human beings.

Solar Plexus

Amber connects us with our “inner sun”. This has a strong effect on our self-confidence so that we can make the necessary changes within ourselves to permit great success. At the same time we overcome fear of challenges, excessive self-awareness, exaggerated ambition, craving for admiration and feelings of inferiority. A joy of being alive spreads through us and on to others. Without desiring to do so, we stand at the centre of attention and at the same time we learn to develop and radiate a natural sense of self, generosity and joy.

Heart Chakra

Amber connects with the love of our heart. Warm-heartedness, joy and kindness open the door to success for us. Approaching success from the heart will promote love of life, joy and enthusiasm and will support out lives in a much healthier way.

Throat Chakra

Amber gives our voice a pleasant sound that can even be very tempting and seductive. This lets our communication be successful. On the physical level, Amber has healing effects on a congested respiratory system.

Third Eye

Amber infuses our mental structures and thought patterns with success-creating energy. It lays the foundation for a successful life expectancy. We open up to a successful concept of life since we can imagine being successful.

Crown Chakra

Amber supports success in meditation, prayer and contemplation. It helps us to be successful in searching our soul, in our encounter with the highest quality, though the development of steadfastness and endurance.

Amber that tends towards a cognac-coloured yellow evokes more of the earth-related power of success, while the lighter, sun-yellow supports success in the development and radiation of light energy on all levels.

This treatment is recommended to all people who consciously or unconsciously long for success, yet are not joyfully successful. When a new chapter of life is at hand or when we start out on a new path, this treatment will blaze the trail for success.