Reiki and Crystals Part 2 – Carnelian

See introduction in Reiki and Crystals Part 1

Seven Carnelians

Flooding, Movement, “Being in the Flow”

For the Reiki (self‑) treatment, we put a carnelian on each energy center. With Reiki, we let the stone’s warm, orange light that flows into each energy center glow and merge into one strong, orange‑colored energy stream. Our entire energy system is flooded by it and the orange‑colored ray in our life stream becomes very strong. The orange light vibrations ascend above each of the energy centers activated in this manner and into the world of the great cosmic color streams, “calling” the light beings of the carnelian into the material world, to their stone. They direct the orange‑colored light of the carnelian that is permeated by Reiki into our energy system, with the result that this constantly flowing orange is capable of dissolving congestions, deposits, hardenings, and blocks. These are then carried away in this great flowing and streaming. On the one hand, this triggers an intensive, pulsating cleansing, as well as an energy charge that increases our feeling for life on the other hand.

The Carnelian in the Individual Energy Centres

Base Chakra

Carnelian brings relief and a sense of wellbeing into the more impulsive, aggressive energy potential that constantly drives us to safeguard our survival. It teaches us to be more flexible in our approach to life.

Sacral Chakra

Carnelian flows into the main energy stream of this chakra. The carnelian devas support the “flowing” within us here. On a physical level it has a harmonizing influence on blood circulation, blood supply and blood pressure. At the same time the kidneys are flushed, cleansed and relieved. Carnelian highlights the confrontation with others, showing us what we experience as different, separate from ourselves, what we reject, admire, or need to master. It allows us to approach our surrounding world in a more free, flexible and creative way. It helps relieve pent-up thoughts, concepts, ideas and ideals. Carnelian inundates us with its flowing and thereby moves the rigid thought patterns and frozen self‑concepts into more generous paths, permitting us to be more willing to make decisions.

Solar Plexus

Carnelian brings us into our “sun power,” a flowing warm energy that supports more imagination in the radiation of our self-confidence while promoting relaxed behavior. We find the way back to our center from extreme modes of behavior.

Heart Chakra

Carnelian strengths the work of our heart. It brings to the surface painful memories on an emotional level so that they can flow and make it possible for us to be separated and relieved of hurtful and oppressive feelings. (Have a box of tissues ready)

Throat Chakra

Carnelian enlivens our communication and our need to speak with others and it resolves verbal inhibitions. Carnelian is excellent for healing of any illness or discomfort of the respiratory system.

Third Eye

Carnelian placed on the Third Eye imparts creative impulses to our thinking. Imaginative inspiration and ideas start flowing. High goals and ideals are freed from their one-sided rigidity.

Crown Chakra

Carnelian helps us come into contact with our higher guidance and make decisions with divine intuition.

A Reiki carnelian treatment is particularly helpful when more momentum, flexibility, imagination and lightness is needed.