Gyosei — A waka poem by the Meiji Emperor

遠くとも • 人の行くべき • 道ゆかば
危き事わ • あらじとぞ思う
to-o-ku-to-mo / hi-to-no-yu-ku-be-ki / mi-chi-yu-ka-ba
a-ya-u-ki-ko-to-wa / a-ra-ji-to-zo-o-mo-u

No Matter how far you go, as long you take the right path, nothing dangerous will come to you.

No matter how unrealistic your dreams of ideas seem, you will never have to give up on them as long as you are on the path of righteousness. Don’t look for the easy route, steer the necessary course. This is the surest way to realize your hopes and dreams.

~ Translated by Tadao Yamaguchi