Reiki and Crystals Part 7 – Rose Quartz

See introduction in Reiki and Crystals Part 1

Seven Rose Quartz Stones

Gentleness, Unconditional Love, Blossoming

When we place a Rose Quartz on each chakra for a Reiki (self‑) treatment, we are filled with unconditional love. A great power of gentleness is promoted within us, which melts away every form of resistance, imbalance, and imperfection with infinite divine wisdom, love, and kindness and allows what is beautiful and delightful to blossom within us like a lotus flower. This develops our spirituality out of the love of our hearts with empathy for all of Creation. We are brought into contact with the essence of divine and unconditional love. It activates understanding and forgiveness while purifying vibrations that are oppressive and egotistic. Both Reiki and Rose Quartz has a strong love essence and a combination of the two forces strengthens a burning desire to be in harmony with all living creatures and the divine within us.

The Rose Quartz in the Individual Energy Centres

Base Chakra

Rose Quartz enriches the active, vigorous energy of the base chakra, which is normally directed towards survival, with the striving for spiritual development. Unconditional love infuses the base chakra and motivates us more to let the essence of love become effective in our life and therefore on the earth with all the powers available to us.

Sacral Chakra

Rose Quartz releases confrontation with the “other”. Unconditional love flows into all levels of our partnerships and relationships and release us from oppressive and obstructive vibrations. This produces support of each other and mutual spiritual growth.

Solar Plexus

Rose Quartz helps us to be able to “melt.” As a result, humility and strength develop at the same time in our self-confidence. We experience Universal Love in a personal and individual way and find our way to harmony. Beauty from our soul level comes out and surrounds us making it visible to the world.

Heart Chakra

Rose Quartz activates the flame of divine, unconditional love that understands and forgives everything. It is a love that is free of all human expectations, dependencies, and burdens. It is the beauty that comes from within and touches every person in his heart and in his soul on its own.

Throat Chakra

Rose Quartz affects our verbal manner of expression and removes irritating, accusing, derogatory and envious undertones from our communication. The love of our heart speaks through our words. It elevates both our soul’s vibration and our mood.

Third Eye

Rose Quartz opens us up to the perception of beauty and brings us closer to our true divine existence. It dissolves our tendency to judge and condemn. It allows us to accept the wisdom within us as role model.

Crown Chakra

Rose Quartz permits the love and beauty of the world beyond the veil to be revealed to us through the highest perception. This is emotional nourishment for our innermost longing for unification with the divine.

The Rose Quartz Reiki (self‑) treatment is particularly helpful when we are dissatisfied with the world, and ourselves and when we fight with a strong resistance within our environment and ourselves and when we are (or have become) loveless. This treatment set into vibration the gentle qualities within us to dissolve resistance.