The 5 Reiki Hand Positions

  1. Zento-bu – Forehead top (between the eyebrow and the line where hair starts to grow)
  2. Sokuto-bu – Both sides of your head (temples)
  3. Koutou-bu – Middle back of your head and brow
  4. Enzui-bu – Both sides of the neck
  5. Toucho-bu – Top of the head (crown)
  • The client is seated in a chair and the hand positions are held as long as you feel the energy flow, this will maybe even take up to 25 minutes.
  • The hands can be placed on or off the body. After this you can feel for an imbalance (byosen) somewhere else in the body and place your hands accordingly.
  • During position 3 you can do the technique Nentatsu-ho if required.

These teachings are passed on by an old Tendai nun who lives in Japan. She studied Reiki with Usui Mikao who was also her cousin. She says that there were 12 students of Usui Mikao alive in 2001 aged between 93 and 117 (In 2005 just 5 are left).